Curing System
June 2001
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A new microwave-powered ultraviolet (UV) curing system from Nordson Corporation is said to substantially reduce heat-generating infrared energy compared to conventional microwave-powered UV curing systems. The Spectralâ„¢ UV-MAC system provides users with a wider range of focal point options and reduced maintenance requirements.

The system features a low-thermal-expansion glass reflector with a dichroic coating that prevents heat-generating infrared light waves from reflecting back to the substrate, resulting in a more controlled and cooler operation. It incorporates multiple features designed to provide a longer service life and ease of maintenance. UV-MAC magnetrons are warrantied for 5,000 hr of operation, increasing the time between changes.

The glass reflector, combined with positive air cooling, reduces maintenance associated with overheated components. In addition, the curing system has fewer parts than conventional microwave-powered systems, reportedly minimizing both maintenance and downtime. The system is available with a full range of interchangeable mercury and metal halide lamp alternatives.

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