Pigtail Connector
June 2001
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The Term-a-NutĀ® pigtail connector from Ideal Industries, Inc. combines a twist-on connector with a precrimped pigtail to facilitate the pigtailing of hot, neutral, and ground conductors in wiring device installations. It reportedly provides a quick and efficient way to make connections in branch circuits without disrupting the continuity between end devices.

This ready-made device is said to reduce pigtailing time by two-thirds, increase efficiency, and simplify an otherwise labor-intensive task. Designed with a copper alloy adapter that fastens the connector to the flexible lead, the pigtail has reportedly passed strenuous tests for pull-out and vibration strength.

The copper alloy spring and adapter are said to provide superior conductivity and the ultra-flexible, stranded-wire lead makes installation in an outlet box easier. This reduces stress on the device and helps prevent open neutrals, while significantly cutting overall installation time, according to the supplier. The unique design of the connector eliminates one wire in a conventional pigtail, enabling it to accept a wider range of wires and provide superior conductivity. The device handles 12-18 AWG solid or stranded wire and covers a wide range of wire combinations. Two device termination configurations are available, a #10 fork and a stripped 12 AWG stranded wire. The unit is available in three color-coded sizes - red, yellow, and green.

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