Vision System
July 2001
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Adept Technology, Inc. offers AdeptVision AVI, the company’s newest generation vision product. It consists of a new digital signal processor-based frame capture-and-image processing board and new software, including ObjectFinder 2000, the company’s geometric object recognition tool.

The new system, said to be the most powerful vision system offered by Adept, includes the new Advanced Vision Interface (AVI) board and the next generation ObjectFinder 2000. This marks a culmination of efforts that included the acquisition of HexaVision Technologies in July 2000. The ObjectFinder 2000, which reportedly provides a robust, accurate, and high-performance general purpose object recognition tool, extends Adept’s machine vision capabilities into the most challenging imaging environments. Tolerant to drastic lighting changes and cluttered scenes, ObjectFinder 2000 robustly locates objects despite changes in position, rotation, appearance, and scale.

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