Thermoset Manufacturing Process
July 2001
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Mearthane Products Corporation developed a manufacturing process devoted to cast thermoset urethane shock absorbing components for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and consumer products. “Using proprietary urethane formulations, we can produce components which provide superior shock absorbing performance and durability at a lower cost than OEMs can achieve with thermoplastic materials,” says Charles Sipes, technical sales manager for the company.

As an example, Mr. Sipes cites the bumpers used inside nail guns to absorb the jolting shock produced by the pneumatic piston. The company developed a proprietary thermoset urethane formulation that reportedly provides excellent impact resistance, has low-flex fatigue—even in the face of prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures—and resists natural and solvent-based oils and dust within the nail gun housing environment.
Special modular tooling makes it possible for the company to manufacture a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials with a minimal amount of new tooling components. This means that OEMs can purchase shock absorbing components for complete product lines with minor tooling modifications, according to the supplier.

Mr. Sipes said that Mearthane has a library of proprietary thermoset and foam urethane formulations that can be matched to a broad range of impact absorbing components. Applications include power tools, industrial machinery, and more.

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