Quiet Pump
June 2001
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The development of special manufacturing processes at Bosch Automation Technology has provided the necessary precision to allow dual-flank contact on the Bosch Silence pumps. This dual-flank, no-backlash tooth contact, along with a modified tooth form reportedly results in a 75-percent reduction in pressure pulsation and a dramatic decrease in hydraulic system noise. These manufacturing processes have been developed for on going, consistent quality and corresponding long-term, low-noise performance. The Bosch Silence pump is said to have a 6 dB reduction in sound pressure when compared to standard gear pumps.
The pump is reportedly designed with a reinforced drive mechanism, which is able to withstand higher pressure than that of a standard pump, meaning that continuous pressure of up to 250 bar and pressure peaks of up to 300 bar are possible. In field use, this permits higher power density values and a more compact structure. In addition, the pump's aluminum housing features stronger outside walls to make it even more robust, bringing both the advantages of a higher capacity and a considerably longer service life. The pump is available in 10 different sizes from 4-28 cc/rev.

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