DSP-Based Chipset
June 2001
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Analog Devices, Inc. introduced the industry's first DSP implementation of Wave Arts™ WaveSurround™ Technology on its MELODY™ chipset. The ADSST-MELODY-2000 chipset transforms audio played through ordinary stereo loudspeakers and headphones into a surround sound listening experience. With the chipset, any 5.1-channel digital audio stream can create the perception of surround sound via ordinary stereo loudspeakers or headphones. The chipset features the SHARC® DSP, popular throughout high-fidelity audio applications in professional and consumer electronics equipment.
Wave Arts' WaveSurround technology converts 5.1 channel surround format for playback over conventional stereo loudspeakers or headphones, and it also enhances stereo recordings by widening the sound field, thus creating a more spacious listening environment. This feature is particularly useful when listening to music over headphones to minimize the "inside the head" sensation. WaveSurround uses sophisticated signal processing technology to synthesize virtual loudspeakers that can be positioned anywhere around the listener. By immersing the listener in the sound mix, WaveSurround delivers the perception of a surround sound experience with conventional two-channel stereo equipment.

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