Motion Control Software
July 2001
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AML®, said to be the world’s first software-only motion controller, is available for use with Sanyo Denki’s miniature, factory-hardened SMS-10 stand-alone controller. The AML application program runs on the SMS-10, which includes the SERCOS interface, an Ethernet (TCP/IP) port, dual serial ports, a master encoder input with latch, digital I/O, a solid-state flash disk, and two PCMCIA slots for optional DeviceNet or ProfiBus DP connectivity. The SMS-10 reportedly provides coordinated control of up to 32 SERCOS-compatible drives and I/O modules. The AML Productivity Suite for Windows™ is reportedly a comprehensive development and toolbox environment to facilitate the easy creation, debugging, and maintenance of AML application programs, according to the supplier. The same application program written for the SMS-10 can also be used on an open-architecture PC platform consisting of Windows NT® and the Sanyo Denki SMS-PCI card.

The SMS-10 stand-alone controller uses the VxWorks hard real-time operating system to run the AML application program. The AML application program can be interfaced with other elements of the machine control system using Ethernet (TCP/IP), serial links, or standard networks such as DeviceNet or ProfiBus. The device includes an external encoder input which can be latched for high-speed registration applications. The AML controller is said to have excellent capabilities for electronic camming and gearing, registration correction, programmable limit switches, event handling, homing, jogging, absolute and relative motion, timers, and the control of analog and digital I/O. Application examples include machinery for packaging, food processing, converting, material handling, printing, metal forming, winding, and many other general purpose motion control applications.

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