HomePlug Powerline Alliance Sets Baseline Technology
Mar 16, 2006
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The HomePlug Powerline Alliance (San Ramon, California, U.S.) awarded the baseline technology for its HomePlug Command and Control specification to Yitran Communications, Ltd., of Beer-Sheva, Israel. Yitran was among nine companies from around the world that responded to the Alliance's open call for technology proponents. Criteria for comparing the technologies were based on a Market Requirements Document (MRD) developed by the member companies. Companies agreed on fair and unbiased testing procedures.

The competition for the baseline technology included worldwide companies and prominent members of the HomePlug board of directors.

"The members of the technical evaluation group were extremely professional and had extensive experience in the industry," said Jeff Wilson, vertical market manager of GE Security. "The field and laboratory tests were very well designed, and they thoroughly tested the devices in both controlled and actual end-user settings. GE Security is extremely pleased with the results of the test and is looking forward to working closely with Yitran and the HomePlug Command & Control Specification Working Group to bring this exciting new technology to market."

According to the Alliance's standard process, the next steps include forming a Specification Working Group to build and refine the HomePlug Command & Control MAC/PHY technology. The working group will write the specification to ensure that silicon companies can create HomePlug-compliant implementations. The HomePlug board is expecting to ratify the specification in Q3 2006.

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