Power-Over-Ethernet Consortium Formed
Mar 13, 2006
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A group of network systems and component suppliers has formed the PoE Technology (PoETec) Consortium. One of the founding members is Phihong USA (Fremont, California, U.S.), a global leader in low cost power supplies. Others are Akros Silicon, Cisco Systems, Molex, and ProCurve Networking by HP. PoETec will work to implement IEEE 802.3 power-over-Ethernet equipment by defining a new set of standard specifications.

"As a member of the IEEE 802.3at task force, we felt it was an important next step for us to help define physical and software specifications that would make it easier for users to implement PoE Technology," said Keith Hopwood, Phihong USA vice president of marketing. "This ensures multiple solutions from a variety of vendors will follow a standard set of physical parameters and software protocols." Phihong can help define multiple sourceable solutions that require minimum effort and time to deploy, Hopwood said.

The PoETec specifications include a bitwise synchronous and asynchronous layer 2 serial interface; a layer 3 message set to operate power sourcing equipment functions; a 168-pin power sourcing equipment circuit board module pin out and interface description; RJ-45 modular connector blocks; and power device and power sourcing equipment management information blocks.

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