AHAM Oven Volume Standard Approved
Mar 3, 2006
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A product performance evaluation procedure for determining oven volume, developed by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) in Washington DC, gained approval by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as an American National Standard.

"This ANSI standard provides a uniform means of stating oven volumes to assist retailers and consumers in comparing products," said AHAM Vice President of Technical Services Larry Wethje. "This standard is relevant to today's market and was developed by manufacturers for voluntary use."

The ANSI approved standard will be known as the ANSI/AHAM OV-1-2006, Standard for the Determination and Expression of Oven Volume. The standard establishes a uniform, repeatable method for determining and expressing the overall volume and usable oven space of the cooking cavity of household ovens. The scope of the standard includes residential microwave ovens as well as electric and gas freestanding and built-in ovens.

Additionally, portions of the ANSI/AHAM OV-1-2006 standard will be incorporated into international IEC standards 60705 and 60350. Agreement was reached by the IEC working groups to add overall volume measurements to the IEC procedures and to adopt a number of the processes developed by AHAM to accommodate special oven features.

The ANSI/AHAM-OV-1-2006 Standard and all other AHAM performance standards are available for purchase on http://www.aham.org/ov1.

AHAM is an accredited Standards Development Organization (SDO) through the American National Standards Institute. Selected AHAM standards are processed through the ANSI process, requiring extensive review and balloting by a balanced group of stakeholders.

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