Trane Recognized for Product Innovation of the Year
Feb 27, 2006
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Research firm Frost & Sullivan announced from the American Society of Healthcare Engineers Conference that it has named HVAC manufacturer Trane the recipient of the 2006 Product Innovation of the Year Award in the field of HVAC dehumidification systems for developing the high-efficiency Cool Dry Quiet (CDQ(TM)) desiccant dehumidification system.

CDQ is an energy-efficient humidity control solution for healthcare facilities, industrial locations and retail and grocery applications. Trane pioneered the development of a desiccant rotor utilizing a Type III desiccant. The advantage of the Trane wheel is that it uses return air, which is the lowest grade heat available, to regenerate the desiccant. While alternative solutions such as the gas-fired units use new energy at 140°F to 200°F, Trane uses a desiccant that operates at 75°F.

"With the introduction of the CDQ, Trane is able to offer customers a dehumidification solution that helps them meet their business goals through their HVAC systems," observes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Jorge Moreno. "The CDQ is Trane's premier product in the U.S. $309.5 million North American commercial and industrial dehumidifiers market, which is expected to grow rapidly, spurred by the increasing concerns about indoor air quality."

Currently available dehumidifiers can be fairly complex, including two or three fans, gas burners, and sensors; however, Trane's design eliminates many of these items, stripping the system down to the wheel and offering special sensors developed to measure the humidity with long-term stability.

"Like the thermostat on the wall, the humidity sensor in conventional dehumidifiers can drift and jeopardize the efficiency of the system," says Moreno. "Keeping this in mind, Trane put extra effort in developing its control devices and has brilliantly succeeded in simplifying the controls for accuracy and stability."

"Following the success of its CDQ system in the comfort dehumidification market, Trane is receiving requests to expand to process dehumidification, light commercial, and residential applications," noted Moreno. "Customers endorse the new system primarily through professional associations, which has further increased awareness and demands."

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