AHAM Expands Dehumidifier Certification Program
Feb 22, 2006
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The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) has expanded its Dehumidifier Certification Program to include Energy Factor verification testing in addition to verification of Water Removal Capacity.

Energy Factor data can now be found in AHAM’s Directory of Certified Dehumidifiers at www.cooloff.org.

"The incorporation of Energy Factor data allows consumers to purchase dehumidifiers based on the combination of Water Removal Capacity and energy efficiency -- two important criteria for selecting a model," Ramona Saar, AHAM director of Standards and Certification, said.

An independent laboratory will verify participating manufacturers’ Energy Factor ratings for dehumidifiers in accordance with the test procedure specified in the EPA Energy Star program for Dehumidifiers. The Energy Star procedure references Section 4.2 of CAN/CSA-C749-1994 (reaffirmed in 2000) for the Energy Factor calculation.

AHAM will initiate a separate effort to revise its standard, ANSI/AHAM DH-1, to include the referenced test procedure and Energy Factor calculations later this year.

According to AHAM, eight manufacturers are currently licensed to participate in AHAM’s Dehumidifier Certification Program.

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