Miele Durability Web-Cam Test at Halfway Mark
Feb 2, 2006
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Appliance maker Miele (Gütersloh, Germany) launched an unusual promotion in July 2005 to demonstrate the reliability of its laundry appliances: it set up a Web cam to give anyone in the world a real-time look at an ongoing stamina test of a Miele washer and dryer.

Miele's designs its products to last an estimated 20 years of use. This equates to 5,000 cycles or about 10,000 hours of continuous operation. Miele regularly conducts endurance tests on new product designs and on existing product lines, and at any given time 185 appliances are undergoing such tests in Miele test bays, where they run continuously.

The Web-cam broadcast of one such endurance test began on July 5, 2005 and the appliances just passed the halfway mark of the test-run – they completed 5,000 operating hours or 2,500 cycles. The end of the test is timed to coincide with the World Cup.

Meanwhile, anyone with Web access can monitor the ongoing tests at:

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