HP Launches Pavilion Notebooks in India
Dec 29, 2005
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Hewlett Packard on launched its new range of HP Pavilion notebooks for the first time in India, hoping to further expand its market share by 10 percent from the present 42 percent.

According to the recent IDC results, HP leads the notebook segment in India with a 42 percent market share and through the Pavilion brand it hopes to further expand the market by 10 percent by targeting the high-end consumer segment, the company said.

"By bringing to India the global brand of premium HP Pavilion notebooks, we intend to take the convergence of digital entertainment and mobility to a completely different level altogether," Hewlett Packard India Sales Pvt Ltd Vice President Personal Systems Group Ravi Swaminathan said.

HP is also looking at leveraging its retail strength and making this product available at select stores across the 600 strong retail channel and 194 premium retail outlets in India, Swaminathan added. (Hindustan Times)

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