Panasonic Announces Middle East Launch of Notebooks
Dec 28, 2005
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Building of its business notebook CF-W2, Panasonic has launched Toughbook CF-W4 in the Middle East. The magnesium casing on this model now boasts reduced weight combined with increased robustness, to resist up to 100 kilos of pressure. The notebook is designed particularly to protect the 12.1-inch screen, the most common weak point for mobile computers. The screen's flexible mounting also contributes to its resistance, allowing it to yield to pressure, along with an additional buffer zone integrated into the LCD frame. The motherboard also has a 'floating' construction, yielding to strong pressure without causing damage.

The notebook weighs 1,290 grams, including battery. The notebook can reportedly survive falls from a height of 30 cm. The new models feature four times thicker cushioning material than their predecessors, to provide an extra 50 percent shock absorption.

The interior of the notebooks has also been upgraded. An Intel Pentium M processor 753 with a faster 1.2-gigahertz clock speed guarantees fast operation. Energy-saving Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) technology and the company's batteries ensure a significantly increased battery life: the notebook is operable for up to 6.5 hours without interruption, on the basis of 'Battery Mark 4.01' (Minimum screen brightness). The reflection-free Active Matrix TFT color screen is also brighter. The notebook's screen boasts up to 240 cd. This is not achieved by intensifying the LCD backlight, but on the basis of a 'diffusing sheet' that distributes light efficiently and evenly.

Intel Centrino mobile technology, supporting all normal WLAN IEEE 802.11 a/b/g standards, enables wireless data transfer rates of up to 54 megabit/s. A new feature means the WLAN function can be turned on and off simply using a switch on the hardware side. The standard versions have a 512 MB RAM user memory--extendable up to 1024 MB--and a 40-gigabyte hard drive.

The reinforced PC-card slot and an additional SD-card slot, protected against breakage, can be used to connect external hard drives and read memory cards directly, for example from digital cameras. Like its predecessor, the Toughbook CF-W4 has a combo drive, which reads both DVD-R and CD-R/W. The drive is integrated into the notebook's front hand rest as an open-top drive.

The Toughbook is traditionally constructed without ventilators, preventing dust and dirt particles from getting inside the appliance. The processor heat is simply discharged via the casing using the 'Heat Pipe System.' This system reportedly makes the notebooks less susceptible to damage, and has the added feature of low-sound operation.

Further, the Toughbook CF-W4 can be fitted with an optional Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip. This system-linked interior security component clearly identifies and authenticates the notebook in corporate networks and enables secure data encoding, among other functions. (AME Info)

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