A Quarter of U.S. Households Expected to Have HDTV in 2006
Dec 21, 2005
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A new survey from consumer electronics maker Panasonic found that one in four, or 26 percent, of U.S. households either own or plan to own a high-definition TV (HDTV) by the end of 2006. The figure is up 15 percent from 2004, according to the Consumer Electronics Association.

"As people gain a better understanding of what HD offers at prices that are increasingly affordable, we're seeing an incredible surge in sales," said Panasonic Display Group Vice President Andrew Nelkin.

Historically, the decision on what kind of TV to buy has apparently rested with men, and nearly 66 percent of those recently surveyed by Opinion Research Corporation said the decision was still theirs. However, the men may face some opposition from their significant others, since nearly 46 percent of the women surveyed said the decision was up to them rather than their partners.

Additionally, 70 percent of men are interested in purchasing an HDTV with either large (51 inches and above) or medium (37 to 50 inches) screen sizes, while 76 percent of women lean more towards a smaller size screen, according to the survey. Men and women equally (53 percent and 52 percent, respectively) reported that the living room is where they would most likely watch their new HDTV.

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