Australia's Stage II MEPS Date Accelerated
Dec 14, 2005
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Australia's National Appliance and Equipment Energy Efficiency Committee (NAEEEC) has accelerated the implementation of Stage II MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Scheme) for single-phase air-conditioners to April 1, 2006, VIPAC Engineers & Scientists Ltd. reports.

Stage II MEPS was scheduled originally to be implemented on October 1, 2007.

NAEEEC says the acceleration comes in response to several key developments:

  • Evidence of more efficient air-conditioners in supplier countries suggests that there are few obstacles to the earlier employment of the MEPS standards originally proposed for 2007.

  • Increased adoption of air-conditioning, particularly in new homes, presents the opportunity for increasing efficiency that should not be missed. NAEEEC is also concerned about peak energy loads and hopes to reduce the strain air-conditioners place on electric utilities.

  • Korea‚Äôs recent implementation of tighter MEPS for air-conditioners provides a lead for the NAEEEC to follow, while giving industry enough time to adjust accordingly.

    VIPAC said it recently upgraded its testing facility with an additional two calorimeters with testing capabilities up to 65 kW, covering all MEPS requirements and giving it the ability to meet demand arising from the new implementation date.

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