LG.Philips LCD Fails to Win Lawsuit Against ViewSonic
Dec 14, 2005
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ViewSonic announced that it has prevailed in a lawsuit brought by LG.Philips LCD (LPL) regarding UK Patent GB2346464B, entitled, "Portable computer," which concerned the rear mounting of an LCD panel in a housing.

LPL brought the case against Tatung (a ViewSonic supplier) and ViewSonic Europe (the European subsidiary of ViewSonic and a ViewSonic customer in the United Kingdom).

The court agreed with ViewSonic and Tatung that the products alleged to infringe, including ViewSonic's VX2000, do not infringe the LG Philips patent. In a comprehensive ruling, the judge declared that LPL’s application to amend the patent was refused and the action was dismissed; and even if LPL’s amendments had been allowed, the patent, in its amended form, would be invalid for lack of inventive steps and should be revoked.

Even if the amendments had been allowed and the patent was declared valid, the patent was still not infringed by the ViewSonic VX2000, nor the Tatung CCTV, the judge added.

The judge further ordered that LG Philips reimburse ViewSonic and Tatung a portion of the costs of litigation pending its efforts to appeal. (DigiTimes)

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