Dirt Devil Launches Vacuum with Patented Technology
Dec 9, 2005
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Dirt Devil has introduced Reaction, a vacuum that uses a patented technology called Dual Cyclonic Action (D2)(TM) to deliver superior cleaning performance.

The vacuum combines the power of twin cyclone suction with the convenience of a filterless dirt cup. The vacuum's D2 system reportedly separates dirt from the air, utilizing two chambers to make the air move at higher velocities, creating a stronger suction environment.

It also features a filterless dirt cup. This eliminates any messy interaction with the filter; and because it's a push-button, bottom-empty dirt cup, the dirt goes straight into the trash-can.

According to Rick Carpenter, vice president of product development with Dirt Devil, "Reaction removes 100 percent of common allergens with our lifetime, washable HEPA filter, making the air in your home easy-to-breathe--for you and your family."

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