TIM Card Controls Home Appliances
Dec 9, 2005
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Telecom Italia Lab (Milan, Italy) unveiled what it said is the first SIM card in the world with built-in radio technology allowing for the a high degree of home automation. The card is said to enable:

  • control of household appliances, such as changing HVAC settings, turning on sprinkler systems, turning on lights, etc.
  • purchases of TV pay-per-view events from set-top boxes
  • computer file management
  • car parking and road toll payment

    The Z-SIM SIM Card is a world exclusive, will be rolled out in 2006 with radio technology that enables all TIM cell phones to communicate with any terminal or device equipped with a similar SIM card, simply by pressing a key on the phone.

    Commonly used set-top box smartcards equipped with the new technology will also be able to communicate with mobile phones, turning phones into a method for purchasing TV content and doing away with then need to connect a set-top box to a telephone line. Mobile phones can be used to interact with a TV set-top box and order pay-per-view programming, or used to recharge a prepaid smartcard without going to a sales outlet. TIM is developing new methods of payment that enable customers to pay for content using the new SIM card.

    The technology works inside and outside the home, and the cards will also work with analog cards embedded into devices used to issue film theater tickets, parking and road tolls.

    The card's security application uses mechanisms said to be more secure than existing proximity technologies.

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