Steel Recycling Continues to Grow
May 6, 2003
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The Steel Recycling Institute (SRI) announced the recycling rates of various steel products at the American Iron and Steel Institute?s General Meeting, yesterday. According to SRI, steel remains the most recycled material in North America with a recycling rate of 70.7 percent for 2002, a 4.3-percent increase over 2001.

At the household level, SRI said that appliances had an 86.6-percent recycling rate in 2002, up from 85.0 percent in 2001. The recycling rate of steel cans increased slightly to 58.5 percent.

The automobile industry is reported as having the highest recycling rate at 100.6 percent for 2002. According to the SRI, the automobile recycling rate is calculated by comparing the total steel used in new cars versus the total steel recovered from old cars.

The SRI reported that the recycling rate for structural beams and plates in construction and demolition is at 95 percent. Other construction materials, including rebars, had a recycling rate of 57.5 percent, up from 50 percent in 2001.

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