Syntax-Brillian Partners with Taiwan CE Maker
Dec 1, 2005
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U.S.-based consumer electronics maker Syntax-Brillian Corporation announced that it is collaborating with Taiwan Kolin Company, Ltd., a Taiwanese manufacturer of consumer electronic products, on the creation and delivery of new 65-inch LCoS(TM) Kolin HDTVs.

The relationship represents a $10 million revenue opportunity for Syntax-Brillian in calendar year 2006.

Under the agreement, Kolin will purchase 10,000 light engines from Syntax-Brillian in 2006 for production of 65-inch LCoS(TM) HDTVs destined for the Chinese and Taiwanese markets and also for distribution in North America by Syntax-Brillian under the Olevia brand.

"We have an excellent partner in Syntax-Brillian," said Kolin's president, Christopher Liu. "As a fellow LCoS pioneer, we're confident that Syntax-Brillian is the leader in delivering superior performance at an attractive price in the RPTV market and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration."

In North America, Syntax-Brillian will provide a range of LCoS(TM) platforms, including its 720p and 1080p HDTVs, as well as Olevia-branded LCoS(TM) HDTVs, based on the collaboration with Kolin.

"With the Syntax-Brillian merger completed yesterday, we're very pleased to announce a great opportunity for Syntax-Brillian to leverage its LCoS(TM) expertise and continue to bring this compelling technology to the global RPTV market," said Vincent Sollitto, CEO of Syntax-Brillian. "Following meetings with our retail channel partners at the January 2006 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we will determine appropriate volume forecasts of Olevia-branded LCoS(TM) HDTVs for the North American market."

Syntax-Brillian's merger was completed November 30, 2005.

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