Epson Unveils Two Projectors
Nov 23, 2005
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Epson has launched 2 projectors - EMP-62 and EMP-82, which the company says offer ease-of-use and versatile applications; and project at brightness levels up to 2000 lumens.

Epson EMP-62 and EMP-82 incorporate Epson's proprietary "Instant Off" feature, which allows users to reportedly power-off and pack-up the projector almost instantly, unlike traditional projectors.

The projectors feature Epson's 3-panel Liquid Crystal Display (3LCD) technology. The 3LCD system employs dichroic mirrors to break white light from the lamp into red, green and blue light. These colors are re-combined by a prism, before being projected onto the screen.

Epson's new projectors are designed for educational purposes; they incorporate an array of connection interfaces, so that up to two PCs and two video sources can be connected simultaneously.

The projectors have a built-in 5 W speaker and offer seven pre-set color modes (presentation, theatre, game, photo, sports, sRGB, blackboard), to suit different viewing environments. The projectors are equipped to project a 60-inch screen from as near as 1.8 m from the projection surface, even in areas with space constraints. (

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