Nokia, ACHNU Launch Youth Program in Chile
Nov 21, 2005
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Mobile phone equipment maker Nokia and the Pro United Nations Chilean Association (ACHNU) launched a 3-year program, "Conéctate!", to boost youth development in Chile. Conéctate!, which translates from Spanish to "Get Connected," aims to help young people find employment and reach their potential.

The program provides a combination of training in information technology and "life skills," such as empathy, conflict-resolution and confidence. It also draws on partnerships with Chilean industry, to provide internships and align the program with the needs of Chilean employers.

Conéctate! is directed towards young people and families with limited resources. The beneficiaries will be youth, ages 18 to 25, from the Metropolitan and VIII Regions of Chile; specifically, La Florida, Peñalolén, Lo Espejo, San Pedro de la Paz, and Chiguayante municipalities.

"Young people hold the keys to the future," Patricio Valenzuela of Nokia said. "Nokia's aim is to recognize the abilities of Chilean youth, and encourage them to lead and contribute to society. We also believe that strengthening the capacity of valuable organizations like ACHNU is a positive step towards this goal."

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