Motorola to Make Top Handset in India
Nov 16, 2005
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Motorola Inc. said its best selling handset will be made in India from December, a move aimed at helping the U.S.-based mobile phone maker increase sales.

A global firm with manufacturing facilities in India will assemble the C-115 Motorola handset for the Indian market, currently dominated by Finnish company Nokia Corp., said Allen Burnes, corporate vice president at Motorola.

In addition, Motorola also chose India to announce the global launch of its latest candy-bar handset -- the ultra-sleek L6 which has features similar to its RAZR model.

The announcements came in the wake of a recent visit to India by Motorola chief Edward Zander, who admitted that the company had failed to seize the opportunity in India's booming mobile phone market. Zander said Motorola would do everything to gain a strong market share in India, which is adding more than 2 million new mobile phone connections every month.

An overwhelming majority of the 68 million mobile phone users in India prefer Nokia handsets over Samsung's, Motorola's and Ericsson's.

While Nokia has already moved to build a manufacturing facility in southern India, Motorala says it would make a similar decision only after gaining a respectable market share in the country. Until then, it would prefer to get its handsets assembled by someone else, said Senior Vice President Stuart Reed, who heads Motorola's supply chain. (AP)

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