Samsung Increases LCD Outreach in Americas
Nov 9, 2005
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Seoul, Korea-based consumer electronics maker Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., announced it is intensifying the marketing activities of its LCD Business within the Americas.

The company said by the end of 2005, it will invest more LCD resources to expand sales operations in Mexico, Brazil and selected areas of the U.S., beginning in the Southwest.

"LCD panels have been gaining widespread popularity due to technology advancements and what we believe is the industry's best value proposition, so we have invested in increased resources to meet demand in the Americas' within key markets such as cellular, large screen TV and public information displays," said Joe Virginia, vice president, Samsung LCD Business.

Samsung recently invested in new facilities as it opened its largest operational production line in the world through a partnership with Sony, a Gen-7 line. It also has completed building a second Gen-7 line, its Line 7-2, which will start operations in April, 2006 -- of which a large portion of production will be directed toward North America.

Samsung LCD said it has established specialized sales teams focused on specific markets such as television, mobile displays and computer information technology. It also has appointed Scott Birnbaum vice president of sales for its LCD Business. In his position, Birnbaum will focus on expanding relationships with major OEMs in all targeted markets as well as directing new business development in emerging market segments.

"Driving demand for flat-panel displays is the widespread adoption of imaging and video technologies, such as digital still cameras, cameras embedded in mobile phones and DVD players," said Birnbaum. "We are also seeing new applications for LCD panels in printers, information displays in conferences rooms and airports, and MP3 players."

Birnbaum previously served as senior vice president of global business development at All-American Semiconductor. He also held various sales executive management positions in regional and global accounts at Sharp and Texas Instruments for 14 years.

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