Holmes Introduces Air-Exchange System
Nov 8, 2005
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Small appliance maker The Holmes Group introduced an air-exchange system under its Bionaire(R) brand to maintain clean breathing air and high indoor air quality.

The company says the Bionaire EverFresh(TM) Air Exchange System is a new way to ventilate the home. The unit works by removing stale air and pollutants from inside the home and replacing it with fresh air from outside.

Indoor air passes through the system, and, according to the company, the unit's Patented Energy Recover Technology transfers the warmth, or coolness, and moisture from the indoor air to the fresh, incoming air. This allows the air in the room to stay at a set temperature and eliminates wasted energy.

Holmes says the streamline design won’t disrupt views and fits most double-hung windows. The provided window kit also helps to prevent drafts and with three speed settings and a digital control panel to display the air exchange rate, the unit is reportedly easy to operate.

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