Indesit Launches Aqualtis in Marrakech
Nov 7, 2005
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Indesit Company has big plans for its new Aqualtis washing machine, launched in Marrakech, Morocco. The company says the washing machine uses innovative, new-generation technology - incorporating 10 years of continual R&D - into a single product.

Indesit plans to make Aqualtis a benchmark in the washing machine segment thanks to the combination of technology and functions. Aqualtis will be marketed under the Ariston label in Italy starting in November and in mainland Europe in early 2006. In the United Kingdom, Aqualtis will be a Hotpoint product.

Indesit's objective is to sell one million machines by the end of 2008.

“A company’s competitive edge lies in its capacity to innovate and offer new solutions,” said Vittorio Merloni, “so our products must be increasingly silent, ergonomic and environmentally friendly. Aqualtis sets a fine example."

Aqualtis is designed to be immediately distinguishable from other products and to be simpler to use. It is said to be the first standard-size washing machine to offer the performance of a large-size model, and it offers several exclusive functions.

The design focuses on flexibility, comfort and care.

Flexibility comes from the machine's adaptability to all washing requirements, Indesit says. The 7.5 kg model has 50-percent more load capacity but is the European-standard 60 cm by 60 cm size. A Mini-Load option allows it to accommodate everyday use.

Comfort comes in the form of easier drum access, with a 35 cm opening. To make loading and unloading easier, the drum is tilted back 8 degrees and is positioned 5 cm higher off the floor than traditional washing machines.

Care for the environment is designed to come from the “SuperEco” function that indicates when the wash options can deliver energy savings.

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