Toshiba Reports Half-Year Results
Oct 28, 2005
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For the first half of its 2005 fiscal year, Toshiba Corporation (Tokyo) reported a group net profit of 14.65 billion yen (approx. U.S. $127.05 million), up from 8.38 billion yen a year earlier, according to AP. Toshiba's own reports show net sales of 2,900.1 billion yen (approx. $25.1 billion) for all industry segments during the April-through-September period. It reported a 9-percent increase in net sales of digital products and a 4-percent decrease in net sales electronic devices.

In its home appliances business, Toshiba reported net sales increase of 2 percent to 336.2 billion yen (approx. $2.9 billion).

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