Samsung Releases Silver Nano Technology Washing Machine in Middle East
Oct 19, 2005
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Samsung Electronics has reportedly launched the world's first Silver Nano technology enabled washing machine, Hauzen, in the Middle East.

Available in 10-kg capacity, the new ergonomically designed model is a next-generation washing machine designed to promote healthy living among users by keeping clothes bacteria and fungus-free for 30 days while saving on energy and time.

Samsung's "Silver Wash" technology reportedly uses electrolysis to sterilize and kill 99.9 percent of bacteria. When set on its "Silver Wash" setting, the washer's sterilization system generates silver particles that kill off bacteria and mold in the laundry giving clothes a clean, healthy and bacteria-free wash, according to the company.

"Till date consumers were bound by limited choices when it came to disinfecting clothes. They either had to boil garments for over 15 minutes or treat them with special disinfectant detergents like bleach, which not only led to fabric's color loss but also damaged them. Samsung's silver nano technology, combining the disinfectant and antibiotic properties of electrolytic silver nano-particles (Ag+), removes 99.9 percent of harmful germs without having to wash clothes in hot water, thus saving on electricity needed to achieve the hygienic effect," said Sanjay Gajamer, senior manager, Home Appliances division, Samsung Gulf Electronics.

When the machine is set on "Silver Sterilization" mode, the laundry load is covered with Silver Nano particles during the rinse cycle. After the washing is complete, the clothes are found to be totally devoid of bacteria and unpleasant odor for 30 days. Furthermore, this process results in allergy-proof clothes as laundries become coated with silver nano ions, protecting them from allergens.

Samsung Electronics has invested U.S. $10 million in the development of the Silver Nano Health System(TM). Samsung Electronics has successfully electrolyzed pure silver into nano-sized silver ions (a particle 75,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair) to safely and effectively eliminate disease-causing germs, molds, and up to 650 types of bacteria, and to prevent them from growing in places, according to the company. (AME Info)

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