HomePlug Powerline Alliance Requests Proposals for AV Specification
May 6, 2003
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The HomePlug(R) Powerline Alliance, Inc., an industry consortium established to provide a forum for the creation of specifications for home powerline networking products and services, announced a request for proposal (RFP) for the HomePlug AV specification. HomePlug AV will be designed to support distribution of data and multi-stream entertainment throughout the home, including High Definition television (HDTV) and Standard Definition television (SDTV).

The availability of the RFP for HomePlug AV serves as an important step in the development of the specification. When finalized, the HomePlug AV specification will be used to design integrated circuits, which will provide a means to connect a multitude of PC and home entertainment devices, including high-definition satellite and cable set top boxes, personal video recorders, and flat panel monitors. HomePlug AV will be designed to co-exist with HomePlug 1.0.

"The Evaluation Plan Working Group is moving the selection of the new HomePlug AV base technology forward fairly and expeditiously," said Gary Gaskill, chair of the Evaluation Plan Working Group. "We expect a solid response to the RFP as technology vendors recognize the inherent advantages of distributing high definition entertainment through a home's existing electrical wiring: ubiquity, speed and stability."

All submitted proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by the Technical Evaluation Group (TEG), a group of technical experts that will be selected from the technology community. The TEG will conduct system qualification laboratory tests, review technology presentations by proponents of their systems, and conduct in-home tests of qualified systems. The TEG will then present its findings to the HomePlug Board of Directors, which will make the final technology selection.

The proposal submission deadline is Aug. 1, 2003. Completion of the HomePlug AV specification is expected in 12 to 17 months, with integrated circuits and consumer products available thereafter.

"Giving consumers the ability to share high-definition video content throughout the home will drive the adoption of high bandwidth home networks. The RFP's strict requirements for security, quality of service and coverage will insure HomePlug AV technology is the standard for home entertainment connectivity," said Peter Kempf, president, HomePlug Powerline Alliance. "High-speed powerline networking technology will enable the convergence of personal computer applications and entertainment components, creating new entertainment experiences for consumers and new business opportunities for service providers."

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