Miele Gets Baden-Württemberg Award
Oct 14, 2005
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Miele washer-extractors for loads of 10, 13, 16 and 20 kg received the '"Focus in Silver" design award from the Design Centre Stuttgart in Germany's southern state of Baden-Württemberg.

The theme of this year's competition was Focus: Know-How, honoring contemporary concepts. According to the jury, the awards seek to identify the most creative ideas that address current needs. That is, the award recognizes extraordinary design quality but also "simple operation and intuitive, self-explanatory functions."

Manufacturers and designers from all over the world vied for the design prize.

The Miele (Gutersloh, Germany) appliances achieve the award objectives through the use of a graphic control panel on which wash programs are displayed in succession. Using a selector switch, the user chooses the suitable program and can directly modify its parameters. Card reader units can be used to download new program quickly. A fascia section of the machine front incorporates the controls, including the display, card reader and a large detergent dispenser. This rounds off the "shield" design created by the oscillating suds container unit, visible from the front. Miele says the shield profile translates the gaiterless drum configuration of a machine of this size into a designer virtue, visually representing the technology of the appliance.

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