GE Releases Dishwasher
Oct 6, 2005
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The new GE Profile dishwasher is designed to hold a 45 oz. bottle of liquid or gel dishwasher detergent and dispense the right amount for each wash. Refills are typically only necessary once every 2 months. A low detergent light signals when detergent begins to deplete and approximately three to seven more washes remain in the reservoir.

Detergent amounts are determined based on water hardness in the home, soil level of dishes and cycle selection. The detergent is automatically dispensed using a pump system throughout each pre-wash and wash cycle as needed.

To obtain the most precise dishwashing performance possible, a water hardness test kit is included for consumers to test the level of water hardness in their home. The dishwasher's water hardness level can be set, allowing the proper amount of detergent to dispense.

When a smaller load of dishes or glasses are needed in a hurry, the Single Rack Wash(TM) selection cleans up to five place settings in the upper rack by using only the top and middle wash arms, conserving water, energy and sound when washing.

An optimized hydraulic system uses less water while maintaining water velocity and pressure. Cycles have been optimized for the best wash/dry performance at the lowest energy usage. A reduced pump prime requires less water while the smart fill/cavitation sensing selects the appropriate water fill amount.

A new QuietPower7 sound package takes the noise level of this dishwasher to an astonishingly low 47 dBA. A concealed ActiveVent seals in sound during the wash cycle, then opens to allow quicker, more thorough drying.

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