Russell Hobbs Celebrates 50 Years
Oct 5, 2005
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Russell Hobbs commemorated the Golden Jubilee of the world's first electric automatic kettle, launched in 1955. One of the two original inventors, Peter Hobbs, was on hand for a celebration at The Ritz in London (pictured with another 1950s icon, Marilyn Monroe, in the form of look-alike, Suzie Kennedy). The K1 kettle, the first automatic electric kettle, was on display.

The electric kettle became one of the most common appliances in the United Kingdom and other tea-drinking regions, and is used today around the world.

The K1 kettle's unique technology came in the form of a bimetallic strip at the rear of the appliance. When the water boiled, steam was forced through an aperture in the lid of the strip, actuating the "off" switch – and bringing to an end the problem of kettles boiling dry.

"I was absolutely delighted to be at The Ritz, celebrating a design that was brought to life by myself and Bill Russell fifty years ago," Peter Hobbs said. "Who would have thought a design introduced so many years ago would still have such a presence today, particularly with technology as it stands."

The event also saw the first glimpse of the new Russell Hobbs' Reflections line of appliances, which includes a kettle, toaster and coffee maker. The models are designed to merge modern, clean lines with fashionable curves, using a combination of brushed and high-shine stainless steel to create a unique "etched" effect.

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