Sub-Zero and Wolf Offer Hurricane Repairs
Sep 27, 2005
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Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliance have established a special assistance program for Gulf Coast hurricane victims whose Sub-Zero/Wolf appliances are repairable. Through the end of the year, the company will offer coverage, including free parts and labor, for many repairs of hurricane-damaged appliances.

"We felt that we needed to do our part and contribute to the recovery effort in a real and practical manner," said Jim Bakke, Sub-Zero Freezer Co. (Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.) president and CEO.

Under normal in-warranty conditions, Sub-Zero and Wolf (Fitchburg, Wisconsin, U.S.) do not cover product failures stemming from accidental damage – such as a hurricane or the resulting flooding. Still, Sub-Zero and Wolf said it wants to extend support to all customers directly affected by Katrina and Rita.

If Sub-Zero and Wolf authorized local service companies in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas determine that a product is repairable, then Sub-Zero and Wolf will help repair the appliances. The exact amount of the cost covered by Sub-Zero and Wolf is contingent on the age of the customer's products and warranty. Sub-Zero and Wolf will cover both parts and labor for repairable in-warranty products, and repairable out-of-warranty products will have the cost of parts covered. (Sub-Zero and Wolf will not offer exchanges or pro-rated exchanges on non-repairable products, and the service is only available for customers in affected areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Alabama.)

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