Samsung Launches Home Appliances in U.S. Market
Sep 27, 2005
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Samsung Electronics launched two innovative home appliances at the company's 2005 Global Road Show in New York. Samsung displayed the four-door convertible refrigerator, Quatro Freedom, and new speed cook oven, a combination of oven and microwave.

According to the company, the refrigerator features four climate zones with adjustable temperature settings to allow truly customized food storage. Samsung engineers have created a four-zone system that provides independent temperature controls to optimize storage for different food items. The core of the convertible refrigerator lies in its exclusive time-divided multicycle (TDM) system, which includes four separate evaporators to ensure optimal temperature and humidity for each section.

Reportedly, the TDM system keeps produce fresh longer due to independent temperature controls. Two convertible drawers offer high temperature settings (50°F--wine chilling) and low temperature settings (-13°F--quick freeze) in addition to standard refrigerator, freezer and soft freeze settings. Thus, ice cream can be stored extra-cold, while vegetables are kept softly frozen to prevent spoiling. Drawers can be converted from refrigerator to freezer settings, and back again. A large digital LCD panel controls the cooling zones.

The convertible refrigerator features 25 cubic feet of storage space. The independence of each section reportedly prevents odor transfer and allows different types of food to be stored in optimal conditions. Along with its clean, modern design and stainless steel handles, the four-door refrigerator features four color options for seamless harmony with any decor. The refrigerator also includes a 2-minute door alarm and an optional built-in beverage station with an ice maker.

Samsung Electronics also showcases the FQ159ST speed cook oven, a combination oven/microwave. The speed cook oven uses five different heat sources to bake, brown, broil, grill, roast, and defrost better and faster than a conventional oven.

According to the company, the oven can cook up to four times faster than a conventional oven while still delivering roasted and baked food. The oven's five different heating sources ("dual convection," upper grill, bottom grill, and microwave) can be used separately or in combination as appropriate.

The "dual convection" feature circulates hot air through the oven from the right and left. The upper and bottom grills are ideal for broiling and roasting, providing variable heat from above and below. Designed for speed and convenience, the oven comes preprogrammed with 12 popular recipes, including meat loaf, lasagna and cake.

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