Internet Protocol TV to Grow in China
Sep 22, 2005
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Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) in China will experience only moderate adoption before it takes off in 2008, according to research firm In-Stat.

With the emergence of salient applications and a maturing technology, the market is expected to get a boost from the 2008 Olympics hosted by Beijing, In-Stat said. This is expected to result in 4.5 million subscribers and U.S. $231.3 million in set-top box revenue in 2008.

"Although many similar video services exist like analog TV, broadband Value Added Services, DVD and cable TV, IPTV promises some excellent interactive performance and ease-of-use," said Anty Zheng, In-Stat analyst. "In China, 360 million TV users and over 20 million broadband users give IPTV a huge potential subscriber base."

A recent report by In-Stat found the following:

  • More than 20 vendors such as UTStarcom and ZTE are providing IP STBs for carriers in China.

  • Nearly 90 percent of the total volume of set-top boxes will be sold to end users through bundling with carriers' service, with the remaining 10 percent being provided through traditional channels.

  • Media groups like SMEG and EastTV have set up agreements with telecom carriers to develop specific IPTV content.

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