Whirlpool Helps Build Houses For The Gulf
Sep 22, 2005
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Whirlpool said today it will work with Habitat for Humanity International to support "Operation Home Delivery," Habitat’s long-term relief program to help rebuild the communities in the hurricane stricken Gulf region. Beginning the week of Sept. 26th, Whirlpool employees will help construct up to 50 pre-built homes in New York’s Rockefeller Center that will be boxed and shipped to Louisiana and Mississippi at the end of the week. Three of those homes will be erected, again with the help of Whirlpool employees, in St. Tamany Parrish, Louisiana, the week of Oct. 3rd.

Whirlpool Corporation (Benton Harbor, Michigan, U.S.) continues to work with a number of agencies to establish long-term relief centers throughout the Gulf region. The appliance giant said earlier this month it will donate up to U.S. $1 million in cash, products and services to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

In Mississippi, for example, Whirlpool is donating 126 washers and 126 dryers to the American Red Cross and the Mississippi Emergency Management Centers, which have set up relief hubs across the state to house displaced victims. Similar efforts are underway in Alabama, where laundries are being equipped at temporary housing centers, and in Louisiana, at longer-term relief centers in the Greater Baton Rouge area. Earlier this month, Whirlpool set up two laundry centers with 50 washer-dryer pairs in the Houston, Texas, Astrodome, in cooperation with Proctor & Gamble Company and Clorox Company, which provided detergent and bleach.

Whirlpool is in the process of gathering product donation packages to help with the renovation of destroyed and damaged facilities of several partner organizations. Some 32 Habitat for Humanity International affiliate offices, 11 United Way facilities, 17 Boys & Girl’s Clubs and a number of Salvation Army buildings were rendered inoperable by Hurricane Katrina. Whirlpool plant employees are collecting goods to donate to local American Red Cross chapters or their respective government assistance agencies.

Several Whirlpool plants have hired qualified workers from the Gulf area and are screening additional workers for employment, as well as offering relocation assistance to their families. In Whirlpool’s headquarters community of Benton Harbor, the company’s African American diversity network is assisting more than a dozen families that have taken refuge in the area.

To date, the Whirlpool Foundation has collected nearly $182,000 in donations from more than 1,125 employees. These individual contributions are matched, dollar for dollar, by the Foundation, with the proceeds going to the American Red Cross.

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