Broan Offers Ventilation for Compact Locations
Sep 20, 2005
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The EPA recently reported that indoor pollution levels can be two to five times higher than outdoors. With Americans spending 90 percent of their time indoors, the need for continuous indoor ventilation has become a necessity.

"Broan(R) Fresh Air Systems offer a complete line of ventilation solutions and now include the HRV90H, a compact, flexible, Heat Recovery Ventilator ideal for homes from 1,500 to 3,000 square feet in northern climates. The HRV90H is designed for use in places with limited space such as a small house, closet, condo, or low-rise apartment," says Luis Wasserman, product manager for IAQ and Whole-House Ventilation products.

As a Heat Recovery Ventilator, the HRV90H eliminates excess moisture during the heating season while recovering heat from outgoing stale air and not over drying the house. Highly efficient, the HRV90H has a net recovering efficiency of 65 percent when operating at a low speed at 32 degrees, says Wasserman.

A patented "Y" tandem means only one hole has to be cut from the home to the outside. Instead of two holes spaced at least six feet apart to avoid cross-contamination from the airstreams, the "Y" tandem consists of a duct divided inside into two, allowing for two flex ducts to be connected at one end and a wall cap at the other. A built-in electrical drawer allows for replacement of parts and with Intelligent Flow Control, the unit is protected from extreme temperatures.

With a reportedly state of the art heat recovery core available in a smaller size than most ventilators, the HRV90H offers compactness without sacrificing performance. In fact, the HRV90H will help HVAC installers to meet the fresh air requirement set forth by ASHRAE's 622 ventilation standard.

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