Electrolux Professional Sends Kitchens As Katrina Aid
Sep 16, 2005
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Electrolux Professional North America is providing assistance to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Electrolux transported four field kitchens into the area to help feed thousands of military personnel and relief workers who are helping local victims in the Gulf States.

“The devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina has been disastrous and we were thrilled to have the resources available to provide the assistance needed in such a short amount of time,” said Alberto Zanata, president of Electrolux Professional North America. “Our team of dedicated professionals worked overtime to make sure the full-service kitchens were available for immediate use at the four designated locations.”

The four assembled Electrolux Professional field kitchens contain the same equipment solutions used by foodservice professionals throughout the world, but have been customized to fulfill the specific needs of the relief efforts. The kitchens have the capability to feed thousands of people each day, making them an ideal solution for use in the areas hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina.

The four kitchens were transported and installed locally by Electrolux staff in the four relief locations within a matter of days. At a Naval Center near Gulfport, Mississippi, U.S., one kitchen is being used to cook between 3,000 and 5,000 meals per day. Three kitchens were delivered to a Naval Air Station near New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S. and will cook approximately 25,000 meals per day for military personnel and relief workers servicing the local community.

In order to guarantee the four field kitchens were properly installed, a team of Electrolux service managers traveled directly to Gulfport and New Orleans to oversee set-up. Electrolux-certified chefs traveled to the locations and conducted in-depth training sessions to ensure local chefs understood the use of each kitchen facility.

“Our ability to act fast in a time of dire need proved to be a small, but important part of the total relief operation,” says Zanata. “We are pleased to have provided assistance to military personnel and relief workers giving their all to those suffering from the hurricane.”

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