Canadian Retailers Promote Energy Efficiency
Sep 19, 2005
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This fall, retailers, suppliers and appliance manufacturers are making it easy for Canadians to take action around the home to help meet the One-Tonne Challenge and reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that lead to climate change.

As part of Canada's climate change plan, the One-Tonne Challenge asks each Canadian to reduce their individual GHG emissions by 1 tonne, or about 20 percent. Each person in Canada produces an average of about 5 tonnes of GHG emissions annually. Half of the emissions come from using energy in the home for heating, cooling, water heating, appliances, and lighting.

The energy-efficiency promotions involve a variety of partners across Canada. Conglom and Costco, for example, will hold a 3-day event in 65 Costco stores across Canada in October and November, offering savings on Luminus ENERGY STAR-qualified compact-fluorescent light bulbs, low-flow shower heads and programmable thermostats.

Manufacturers like Honeywell and Waterpik, are offering additional rebates at the events. Home Depot, is partnering with the Clean Air Foundation's EnergySmarts Program to focus on energy-efficient home products.

"Addressing climate change starts with many small actions by millions of Canadians making changes in their daily purchases and habits to lower their energy consumption," said the Honourable R. John Efford, Minister of Natural Resources Canada. "Now, thanks to special promotions, our partners are helping Canadians have even more success in meeting the One-Tonne Challenge and helping our country's energy efficiency efforts."

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