Heartland Introduces European Dishwasher Line
Sep 12, 2005
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Heartland Appliances Inc. announced its new line of European intelligent dishwashers. The company said it partnered with Spanish appliance maker Fagor on the new line after Heartland's engineering staff conducted research in Europe regarding dishwasher feature design.

"We’ve taken the best technology that Europe has to offer, worked with the experts, and made it our own,” adds Dennis Roth, Heartland’s director of engineering.

The new Heartland interactive dishwasher has an "Advanced Intelligence System" that senses the amount of dishes in the current load and adjusts the water accordingly. The system can be programmed and reportedly operates in complete silence with the company's Super Silent System.

Heartland also says the new dishwasher line features the Ecosensor, which measures how cloudy the water is. If it is clean, it reuses the water, which not only reduces washing time, but saves up to 25 percent of total water used.

"I’m excited that we’re now able to offer the complete suite of appliances," says Brad Michael, Heartland’s president and CEO. "We were always advising our customers about the dishwashers that were compatible with our panels, so they could have the matching dishwasher to our ranges, refrigerators and cooktops. Now, our customers can go with Heartland products from the time the ingredients leave the refrigerator, to when the last dish is put away.”

The dishwasher line is available in Heartland's Classic Collection, Legacy Series or Metro Series.

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