Schneider Donates $1 Million For Katrina Relief
Sep 2, 2005
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Schneider North America of Palatine, Illinois, U.S., said today it will pledge U.S. $1 million to support Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida's Broward and Miami-Dade counties. In addition, donations to these efforts from its employees in the United States will be matched by the Square D Foundation.

The pledge represents all of Schneider North America in the United States, Canada and Mexico. This includes the brands and companies of Schneider Electric in North America: Square D, Telemecanique, Merlin Gerin, EFI Electronics, Juno Lighting, Power Measurement Inc. (PMI), Hyde Park Electronics, TAC, MGE UPS Systems, and Veris Industries. Schneider Electric is known under its various bands for electrical distribution and industrial control products, systems, and services, as well as industrial control and automation.

"Across North America, our people are demonstrating an outpouring of care and concern," said David Petratis, president and CEO of Schneider Electric's North American Operating Division. "Every day employees are contacting me to see what more they can do to support the victims of this tragedy, either through contributions, physical labor - anything they can offer to make a difference."

The distribution of the pledge dollars will be managed through the Square D Foundation based on the specific, critical needs of those organizations involved in relief and recovery efforts. This includes non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army, etc.

"The devastation is incredible and is being felt by people across the country. Much is needed for residents of the hardest hit areas, which is why we are doing our part to help in the relief efforts," added Petratis. "Cash donations are needed most to support the relief efforts, and we are encouraging our employees to contribute what they can, and supporting them through our Matching Gift program."

Schneider Electric's North American Operating Division will also match any and all employee contributions made in support of the relief efforts through the Square D Foundation to qualifying organizations based on Foundation guidelines.

In addition, the Square D "We Care" program is in effect in FEMA-declared disaster areas to address public safety issues and support electrical industry professionals as they repair damaged electrical structures and systems. The company's Customer Information Center (CIC) and Services teams are ready and available to meet urgent customer needs. The company will also donate a percentage of revenues from related equipment sales to the American Red Cross to help bring relief and assistance to those in need.

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