Miele Releases Vacuum Cleaner Series
Sep 1, 2005
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Miele announced the debut of the S4 series, new vacuum cleaners that offers a 1200-W Vortex Motor System(TM) and an advanced filtration and HEPA-certification, ensuring that the S4 retains harmful lung-damaging particles it takes in. The S4 series won the Chicago Athenaeum's Good Design Award before its U.S. introduction.

Several features distinguish the S4 including a sports car-like hexagonal exhaust grille pattern. The elliptical casing reportedly makes the S4 easy to handle in corners. The aluminum operating controls are reportedly easy to read. According to the company, the S4's trim 10-pound frame is easy to maneuver and carry upstairs, and is packed with high-end cleaning features no other vacuum has. The ergonomic handle reduces wrist strain, while providing maximum turning control to effortlessly navigate tables and chairs. Radio frequency controls send a signal from the handle to remotely control the suction power with the push of a button. The vacuum can also be put in "stand by" mode for quick breaks. The Accu-Nova Powerbrush reportedly deep cleans and restores the crushed pile of carpets and rugs with its strong motor and even rolling brush.

Other features include: three cleaning tools located on a convenient clip-on caddy; a cord nearly 30 feet long; protectively coated 360 degree castor wheels for easy maneuvering that's gentle to floors; a change-filter indicator; a side storage bracket which holds the wand in place as it's carried or stored; a parking system on the back that holds the wand upright for breaks while the vacuum runs and a thermal cut-out indicator that shuts the motor down if an object blocks the air flow.

The S4's filtration Sealed System(TM) includes the electrostatically charged IntensiveClean Plus(TM) dust/filter bag, a pre-motor filter and a HEPA filter. Together, all of these elements provide the essential formula for HEPA-certification. The HEPA filter also comes with a charcoal layer that neutralizes odors.

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