Gome Collects Used Appliances
Aug 19, 2005
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China-based appliance retailer Gome began a call-service to collect used household appliances, with all the discarded appliances to be transported to a special factory for further disposal.

Gome also announced that it will collect appliances that were not supplied by its stores, but appliances having invoices from Gome will command a better price.

In appointed workshops, discarded appliances will be divided into parts and disposed of in accordance with environmental protection ordinances, an spokesperson from Gome said. Harmful or poisonous parts will be disposed of by burning, burying or decontamination, while those safe for re-use will be assembled as second-hand appliances.

"We have collected many used appliances since the beginning of the service," the Gome spokesperson said. "We are set to sign cooperation agreements with some disposal factories in the neighboring areas of the city next week."

The service is in line with a pending regulation on the administration of the collection of used home appliances and electronic products. Gome's Shanghai experimental unit is the first in the eastern China region. (English.eastday.com)

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