CEA Calls for E-Waste Management
Jul 29, 2005
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In testimony submitted to the Senate Subcommittee on Superfund and Hazardous Waste, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) called for a national framework for electronic waste management. The testimony came as the subcommittee convened to discuss the issue of e-waste disposal and recycling.

"E-waste is a national issue that should have a national solution. The current de facto system for e-waste [management] is an evolving patchwork of state-by-state approaches...[which] imposes unnecessary burdens on technology companies and consumers alike," wrote CEA in its testimony.

Furthermore, CEA said, idle electronics "should not be completely discarded" as they contain valuable resalable materials and "used, working computers can find use in thousands of schools, charities and public agencies" in underserved communities. CEA also suggested federal policy initiatives that could aid in confronting the national e-waste challenge such as, tax credits available to all stakeholders involved in the end-of-life infrastructure; environmentally sensitive procurement guidelines that create a sales-based incentive for manufacturers to design eco-friendly display devices; the creation of a third-party organization to collect and administer funds in states considering a point-of-sale advanced recovery fee; and measures that enable states to ensure a level, competitive playing field for in-state retailers with Internet sales and out-of-state retailers.

CEA emphasized that finding a solution to the public policy challenge of e-waste is a priority for the organization and hopes to work with Congress and all interested parties to reach a common-sense, national solution that makes recycling as convenient as possible for all Americans, recognizes the economic and marketplace reality facing consumer electronics manufacturers and protects innovation.

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