Consumers Seek Smart Homes, Simple Terminology
Jul 25, 2005
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Phrases and descriptions of home technology should emphasize the environment they create within a home according to Exploring the Language of TechHome: How Consumers Talk about Home Technologies, a study recently released by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

The study focused on five main home technologies, including distributed audio systems, structured wiring, automatic lighting and temperature regulation, designated home theater rooms, and media servers. The research tested phrases currently used by the industry to describe home technology products in order to gauge consumer reaction to these terms.

"This study shows us it is important to keep in mind that customers are looking for ways to make their homes a source of comfort and relaxation for themselves and their families. For these reasons, phrases that are not overly technical but are still descriptive will be the most effective," said Joe Bates, director of research at CEA. "There is still a lot of space to educate consumers and help shape these product concepts in their minds."

Although not the primary focus of the study, the survey also explores consumers' decision to purchase home technology systems. The study concluded that regardless of whether a homebuilder offers these technologies themselves or refers customers to an outside vendor, homebuilders should strive to educate consumers and communicate the possibilities these technologies provide.

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