South Korean Engineers Aim to Release Intelligent Appliances by 2008
Jul 8, 2005
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A South Korean engineering team said that it is pushing for the commercialization of household appliances with intelligent robotic functions by the year 2008.

Washing machines with voice-recognition capabilities or air-cleaners that can detect impurities in the air are just some of the electronic devices currently under development.

The 10 robotics engineers in South Jeolla Province, led by Park Jong-oh, a professor of engineering at Chonnam University, plan to launch an organization to realize the adoption of such technologies into people's homes.

Once the group, tentatively named the Home Appliance Robot Utilization Group, is officially launched, it will develop intelligent robot appliances in joint collaboration with companies in the province.

While previous robot technology focused on stand-alone devices with simple functions installed, such as entertainment or cleaning, the newly proposed home appliance robot concept includes intelligent robotic capability that would be incorporated into appliances.

"Consumers today are very unfamiliar with the household robots currently on the market," said Mr. Park, adding that the robotics industry would be better assisted in its early stages if intelligent robotics were fused with pre-existing home appliances. (Yonhap)

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