Sharp Develops Recycling Technology for LCD TVs
Jul 7, 2005
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Sharp Corporation has reportedly developed material recycling technology to recycle non-halogen resins used in the cabinets of Aquos LCD TVs as a similar raw material for new cabinets.

The cabinet material of Aquos LCD TVs uses a non-halogen resin, which does not generate dioxins when incinerated. However, because the history of using this material for cabinets and other components is still limited, material recycling technology has not been established to recycle it as a similar material for new components. Sharp has reportedly developed a property improvement technology based on a cabinet intentionally degraded to a state equivalent to 20 years of use. According to the company, the technology allows the plastic material making up the cabinet to be easily recycled.

In the future, Sharp plans to establish technologies to recycle LCD TVs in anticipation of the directive in the EU to recycle waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), which will go into effect on August 13, 2005, and revisions to Japan's Household Appliance Recycling Law. By the end of fiscal 2006, Sharp will reportedly aim to develop new LCD TV cabinet material having recyclability based on the material recycling technology for non-halogen resins developed at this time.

Also, to encourage recycling of used LCD TVs in an efficient way, Sharp has independently formulated "Guidelines for LCD Panel Recycling" (Japanese and English versions) and "Guidelines for Manual Disassembly of LCD TV Fluorescent Tubes" (in Japanese). Sharp will be distributing these documents widely in the future in an effort to promote designs that allow ready dismantling of LCD TVs.

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