LG Washing Machines Incorporate Steam Technology
Jun 29, 2005
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LG Electronics has unveiled a Steam Washing Machine for the Korean market that is designed to incorporate innovative steam technology in the washing process.

After 2 years of development, LG has successfully incorporated the eco-friendly steam technology used to clean clothes with less water and energy, while preventing shrinkage and extending the life cycle of the garment. The newest offering also features the Refresh Course process, which allows consumers to deal with wrinkles without ironing.

The LG Steam Washing Machine features the dual spray system, which sprays steam on the laundry for 40 min to improve washing performance and help rid it of harmful germs. According to tests conducted by accredited testing, inspection, and research institute, the washing machine improves washing performance by 21 percent over the company's conventional drum washing machines, LG said.

Whereas traditional high heat washing processes waste energy in heating up the water and the chamber, the Steam Washing Machine utilizes steam for the same result with just half the energy, LG claims. It also reduces water usage by 44 percent. Further, the unit utilizes steam technology to clean its interior. Compared to traditional drum washing processes, the technology is said to reduce the time needed dramatically.

LG acquired 66 international patents from such countries as the U.S., China, and Europe and 152 patents in Korea with the steam technology.

The high-end drum type washing machines are also equipped with power-line communication modems and LED display mounted remote monitoring panels are placed in the living room or elsewhere within the home to allow users to monitor the laundry from afar. The remote controls provide such functions as starting/pausing and selection of different options on the washing machine.

The washing machine also comes in different colors, including pink, blue, and black with the option of colored panels.

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